5 Tips To Take Perfect Sports Photos

Do you want to shoot the perfect sports photos? Photography in sports offers you so many chances to capture remarkable and dramatic images that could last a lifetime.

However, capturing the perfect sports photos can be very challenging, but put all your worries aside as by the end of this article you will be able to take the best shots.

Prepare To Use High ISO

In circumstances when you want to take a great shot, but the light is not perfect, you require a higher shutter speed. If you raise the ISO on your camera, this will help you capture your images at a higher shutter speed and also provide you with the opportunity to make the best shot. A high ISO causes the sensor to absorb more light.

Pro sports photographers need to use a shutter speed up to 1/1000 in order to freeze fast movement in their shots.

This can be simple in daylight, but during the night you will be required to reduce the ISO of your camera to allow more light so that your shots aren’t so grainy. A high ISO may make your shots look pixelated or low on detail if there isn’t enough light.

Your camera may be able to choose the ISO automatically depending on your shutter speed, but it is always best to manually adjust to get the best shot possible.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Whether the stadium full or not never forget your surroundings if you want the perfect shot. The surroundings offer you exceptional opportunities to shoot the spirit and feeling of a particular game without including the action.

Before the match starts, tailgating is an excellent location where you can take photos of die-hard fans. If you own a wider lens get to a high place and take shots that will capture the whole stadium.

Avoid ‘Chimping’, Please.

Most of the sports photographers make the mistake of chimping (checking the photos in the LCD) this diverts your attention, and you miss the opportunity to take the best shots and you can also get hurt in the process.

There will be time later to choose your best photos but while shooting give it your full attention because when the shutter clicks you do not get another chance.

Include The Ball!

Both the ball and the eyes are the vital elements of a perfect shot, not to mention the facial expression of the player. Though it can be hard try to include the ball in your shots as many people will prefer the pictures that have the ball in them.

No Eyes, No Shot!

As we mentioned, eyes are essential in any sports shot because the primary rule is for the eyes to be seen as the subject. So if you are taking a shot of the back of a player, STOP! As they turn around or when facing another player make a shot which includes their eyes.

For example, in the game of soccer, the best shots are not the knee shots, but the headers since the eyes level are naturally above the ground which is what is required.

The goalkeeper does not interact much with the game but when taking your shots do not forget to capture him/her as the anticipation shots can be great shots as well.

As we all know practice is the only thing that makes perfect. With the above tips, you have already taken the first steps to taking excellent sports photos all you need now is a stable hand and take the shot when the action is on.

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