Gymnastic Photography

Gymnastics photography is one of the most challenging types of photography, due to the fact that gymnast move so quickly and there is no outdoor light source in most cases. If movement is fast, there needs to be a great deal of light in order to limit the shutter speed to a value where there will be no blurriness in the photo.


However when your photographing gymnastics, you’re usually indoors and though the lighting may be sufficient in most cases, it will be difficult to capture a good photo without the help of a very expensive lens. Very expensive lenses have a very high f-stop so that they can capture much more light than a typical lens.

Expensive Lenses

Because of the fact that these lenses need so much more glass, and are much more precisely engineered than typical lenses, they are often as much as 10 times the price of a typical amateurs lens. Canon has a line of lenses in the L-series which are especially expensive, but they’re also the best lenses that money can buy.

The L-Series

Using a professional L-series lens you shouldn’t have trouble photographing indoor sporting events. You’ll just need a tripod to make sure that your hand is steady Angela need to learn how do you camera most efficiently. After that it’s just a matter of gathering photographic skill which comes from experience, in order to get the best shot.

The best of NASA’s photographers take into account the angle of attack. You need to have a perfect position in order to capture the most important moment of whatever skill you’re trying to capture. So it needs to be well thought out. Just imagine how do I event is going to happen and position yourself in a way you can capture the event most accurately.

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