Equipment You’ll Need For Sports Photography

Before we jump on to the equipment that you would need for Sports Photography, let’s take a quick look at the reoccurring problems faced by Sports photographers:

  • Motion Blur, the image that you take is often blurred as there is always someone or something in motion when it comes to capturing a snap during most Sports.
  • Getting close ups, this goes hand in hand with the problem from before, there is rapid movement ( in most sports) and getting close ups are harder as compared to other genre of photography.
  • The weather, not mostly an issue, but sometimes can be, rain is most probably the only weather that comes to mind but dry weather, snowy weather, and various other terrain or season based weather conditions can also mess around with your lens and ruin that moment you wanted to capture.
  • Coverage of the game, not having coverage of the game from all angles is a setback when it comes to sports, and having a coverage with an incoming stream of photos will give you more images, thus more photos in your collection.


Now we’ve looked at the issues faced by a photographer when it comes to sports photography, so let’s note down the equipment that can counter, or at the most, lessen the effects these problems will have on your work and also the equipment you’d need for the average event.

  • A modified bag – A bag built for a photographer, this isn’t completely necessary, but it’s a piece I’d recommend, since it’ll really help if you can make effective use of the space in your bag to fit in your equipment together without damaging any of them and to be able to organize them with more efficiency.
  • A tripod to act as a stand to your primary camera.
  • A range of lenses that fit to your style and fit to your budget.
  • A lock, or locks – You won’t always be there alongside your bag, and worst case scenario is someone opens it up, we don’t want that happening now, do we?
  • A laptop – Of course, like all fields today, you’re going to need a laptop to store your work and to be able to process it, I’d suggest one with a large storage space so more images can be stored.
  • Camera, of course, you’d need the camera, preferably a DSLR or better, and not just one, but since you’re doing sports, I’d suggest a minimum of 3 so you counter a problem we mentioned before, ‘coverage of the game’ from different angles.
  • Memory cards are going to be important, and so will a kit to carry your memory cards. You’ll also need to learn how to care for your photography memory cards.
  • A pocket wizard, that’ll help in capturing the shots from the mobile cameras you’d set up,(the spare cameras mentioned before).
  • Spare batteries, you wouldn’t want to run out of juice during your work, it’d be bad.
  • And lastly, a camera strap, preferably more than one, so you have a backup in case one snaps, or you can hold more than one camera.(Trust me, you have no idea how helpful that can be.)

This has been my list of required equipment for a moderate take on sports photography, I’d suggest using to collect the equipment you need.

If all of this might seem expensive, it’s worth saving up for. If it works out, it’s going to be worth it. But remember, as it goes on, you can always upgrade your gear, adding more items along the way.

Good luck on your adventure!

3 Great Basketball Photography Books: The NBA’s Best Photos

basketball photography

Being a fan of a game will dictate that you keep up-to-date with all the relevant events happening around it. You don’t want to be in a sitting discussing memorable moments and feel out of place.

You may not have watched the action live, but you can certainly get the best of shots documented in books. You may have also watched it live, tried taking photos with your little photography knowledge but instead got blurry shots.

Such a disappointment!

Basketball photography is challenging but with the emerging technology, some photographers have managed to bring the best crisp images out of the always shifting positions.

The following books contain the best of NBA’s photos shot and documented for easy fan reviewing.

Basketball’s Best Shots: The greatest NBA photography of the century

Written by one of the greatest players in the history of NBA and current basketball analyst, Walt Frazer, this exciting book brings you the thrill of the game. Don’t we all love seeing our favorite athletes pictured making the best of shots? It may be cliché, but the one photo speaks thousand words adage still counts.

The photos in this book describe the moment, that very instant in which the player had to make the decision and aim to make the intended shot. Basketball’s best shots feature performances of some of the best players to exist in NBA history. The likes of Kobe Bryant, Dr. J’s and Michael Jordan are featured in the book containing a collection of over 300 photos.

Above all, it seeks to highlight the important aspects of basketball, including the grace, passion, energy and athleticism for the game.

Basketball’s Greatest

It is written by editors from Sports Illustrated, one of the highly-revered voices in sports commentary. It is among the best of the NBA and has ranked the greatest of the players to have ever played in the court.

These standings have been selected by some of the specialists in the game such as Chris Ballard, Ian Thomsen, Lee Jenkins and Jack McCallum.

And tagged alongside are the most breathtaking photos of the greatest basketball players. You will find the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Tim Duncan and Wilt Chamberlain among others. Get this book to see where your favorite player has been ranked.

The Basketball Book

As one of the most popular games in the world, this book has some of the best ever seen dunks, moves, and shots in time. It entails a compilation of photos from some of the best authors from Sports Illustrated. Besides the moments of triumph for the players, it highlights the winning teams and games.

With an in-depth review on the evolution of the game over time, the Basketball Book is a fountain of knowledge for all. It is impressively illustrated to pass acquaintance to the reader.

Avid fans of basketball can use these photography books for their additional knowledge as well as entertainment.