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Calgary Mortgage Broker

The following is an article about how a Calgary mortgage broker can help you negotiate the best rates and best terms possible.  No, I’m not about to start rewording B.J. Thomas’s song, “Rain Drops Keep Falling in My Head”, as much as I like that song. No, I’m talking about suddenly finding yourself being rained on by fees! If you go into the housing market thinking that all you’ll be paying for is the mortgage of your home, you are sadly mistaken. Many of the fees are attached to events that any renter will be familiar with:

Moving costs (storage costs of the move ends up happening in stages)

Address change labels at Canada Post

Hook up fees for various utilities

Cleaning the old home (and possibly cleaning the new home before you can move in)


 Mortgage Fundamentals

But unlike the average renter where the only other fee might relate to coming up with another damage deposit if the last one had to be used to repair your old home, home buyers have a number of additional fees to be concerned about. Some of these fees can be wrapped up into services offered by your local realtor. Others might get wrapped up into the package your Calgary mortgage broker is offering you, but regardless of who pays for them, they must be paid.  Mortgages For Less also specializes in being a trusted mortgage broker Fort McMurray and can help you get a great mortgage.

They include such items as:

Appraisal fees

Insurance fees

Registration fees

Surveys or certificates

Utility fees

Property taxes if they weren’t paid up by the previous owner the year you buy

Water and/or septic tests


Calgary Mortgage Brokers

In addition, while renters are experienced with the usual monthly costs of ongoing utility bills, perhaps tenant insurance, and other fees, the home owner now has to deal with:

ongoing property taxes,

renovation funds,

repairs and maintenance budgets,

and of course, the monthly mortgage payment which replaces the rent they used to pay.

Needless to say, after you’ve pre-qualified for a mortgage, you want to find out what additional fees you may have to pay and set funds aside to cover them as well. Mortgages For Less can guide you toward those with the needed information, whether that’s your realtor, the local branch at City Hall dealing with property management, etcetera. But whether you go through a Calgary mortgage broker or not, don’t go into buying your home expecting that the mortgage will cover everything. Unless you sign up with a lender offering a cash-back option, you’ll need to have spare funds of your own to tackle the process. Talk to someone over at to see how they can help.

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